Lead authentic conversations.

8 week online program (individuals and/or teams)


As a leader, is your team's technical excellence constrained by the 'human' stuff? 

If it is, you are not alone! 

Like any other technical skill, we can learn to be human together and harness potential through stepping into our empowered voice and honest, manager-lead conversations. 

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Conscious connection: 

Team re-set ready for 2022

Full day or 2 half day workshops

  • As you and your team step towards the end of 2021, is the flow-on impact of the extraordinary experiences of 2020/2021 starting to emerge?

  • How are you setting new expectations around location of work, ongoing team connection and collectively forming new ways of working in a pro-active way? 

  • How are you talking about emerging issues you've never had to think or speak about before? 

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Your team’s values-in-action:

Renewed unity and intention for 2022

Half day team workshop. Online or in person.

Up to 18 participants per workshop. 


  • How are your team's values holding up?

  • How are you finding your team living these values together as these extraordinary times continue to unfold?

  • How does this impact your team's ability to perform together?

  • Does your team/organisation have a set of agreed values?

  • Is your team fatigued? 

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From Awkward Silences to Awesome Signposts:

Team culture action-learning assessment.

6 week team support program. Online or in person.

  • Does your team seem to be stuck in repetitive limiting behaviours like ineffective communication, working in silos, lacking initiative and it is impacting collective performance?

  • Do you want to know what's really going on and start a new conscious team conversation to open new doors for new ways?  

  • This is an empowering process and opens up new potential for team learning and capability. 

The Embrace the Elephant framework

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"Veronica’s gentle manner and unique insight provided me with an alternative view of how to manage the changing situation at work. 

I could have easily succumbed to feelings of anger, resentment and despair but instead by utilising the tools of meditation, mindfulness, vision board and affirmations, she created a space for me to be safely heard, to acknowledge the pain and find a way forwards.

I am so grateful that I was fortunate enough to have someone to guide me through a difficult time in such a positive manner.  Veronica is an inspiration and although an unconventional resource in a corporate environment, her insight and skills allowed me to emotionally let go of my fear and to move forwards and I am truly grateful for the skills I take away with me from this time with her." 


—  Anna Kleskovic, PA to Council, ANZCA