•  2 x 1 hr one-on-ones
•  3 x 1.5 hr online team workshops.
•  Up to 18 participants per workshop. 

Team traction action plan™ 

As we move through our unfolding experiences, new information arises.

Currently we find ourselves in corporate environments where:

•   There's no clear cut return to previous COVID-19 working arrangements. 

•   There's increasing pressure to deliver while goal posts for performance keep

shifting due to the uncertain nature of this period. 

•   Business impacts continue to reveal themselves and this can increase

challenges in supporting team morale and connection when staff may be

anticipating or experiencing restructures or re-alignment of roles. 

These unknowns can accumulate in our natural, human team fears which can result in:

•  Disengagement.

•  Unwillingness or inability to collaborate.

•  Choosing self-protection over team disclosure and vulnerability. 

•  Minimal interactions - usually isolated to distinct task focus.

This online team support program helps teams:

1.  Acknowledge their natural, human fears which disarms and shifts it from

blocking team performance to enabling team trust and collaboration. 

2. Opens up a safe space for the team to understand each other which gives the

capacity to focus productively on operational delivery and new innovative

thought and action required to address new challenges. 

3. Supports individual and team mindful presence and ability to own different

perspectives essential for developing new patterns of behaviours. 

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90 day team support program.
•  Online delivery:
-  8 x 1.5 hr team sessions .
-  3 x 1 hr team meeting observations.
-  4 x 1 hr one-on-one coaching with
    Team Lead/s.
•  In-person workshops:
-  5 x 1/2 day workshops.
-  3 x 1 hr team meeting observations 
   (online if possible).
-  4 x 1 hr one-on-one coaching with
    Team Lead/s.
•  Up to 18 participants. 

Explore the Elephant: Team Potential Accelerator™ 

Shift team mindset and group behaviours from the ‘unspoken’ being a barrier to collaboration and trust, to enabling the shared ability to create and step into new ways of working. Walk away from the workshop series with an agreed action plan for new team behaviours. 

Gain new understanding, new skills and new commitment to new action unleashing invaluable team potential.

•  Learn mindful practices to connect to the moment without judgement and with curiosity.
•  What the elephant is about and how it arises.
•  The natural change process.
•  Ownership and exploration of own stories and emotions.
•  The power of vulnerability and gratitude.
•  Clarity and alignment with group intention.
•  Identify patterns of behaviours that are limiting team performance re-framed as an opportunity through a consciously mindful, non-judgmental lens.
•  Create and agree ground rules for communication.
•  Co-create and agree a practical, agreed team Collaboration Activation Plan™ 
based on a practical process for the team to implement when the elephant ARRIVES™. 

•  Learn how to practice holding the space for the natural human process of team change through a practical action learning approach co-created and owned by the team. 

As above for the 90 day support program plus: 
•  4 x 1.15 hr coaching sessions per
    participant at specific times during
   the program.
•  Up to 18 participants per
    workshop/program group. 

Explore the ElephantUnleash Untapped Team Potential Program

Combines the Team Potential Accelerator with one-on-one sessions to accelerate individual and team behavioural change. Enables real-time support to staff through any current workplace elephants in a self-reflective, compassionate action-learning environment. 

One-on-one sessions enable deeper, mindful personal reflection and exploration of the individual's: 

•  Stories, context and woundings (i.e. fears).

•  Emotional triggers and patterns.

•  Habits and patterns of behaviours.

•  Own meaning for stepping into courageous new action.

With this personal commitment and self-connection, greater insights and perspectives are often shared for the benefit of the group learning environment. 

The approach

I work with leaders and their teams to give voice to the unspoken. This increases individual wellbeing, meaning and purpose. As well as, establishes team behaviours required to drive UNLIMITED business capability, innovation and growth.

My unique programs create new potential for teams who get stuck in a perpetual dysfunctional cycle of awkward ‘unspokens’.

Using a proven strategy of:

1.  Setting a conscious mindful team Foundation

2. Co-creation of a plan

3. Collaboration in action learning and living the plan together. 

When the elephant ARRIVES™, you and your team will:

•  Be compassionately guided with unique tools and practices in

an action learning environment enabling conscious co-creation of new, positive ways of working together.

•  Walk away with a practical, agreed team actions for living these new behaviours together. 

•  Increase team trust and connection through new ways of relating within oneself and with each other. 

"Veronica’s gentle manner and unique insight provided me with an alternative view of how to manage the changing situation at work. 

I could have easily succumbed to feelings of anger, resentment and despair but instead by utilising the tools of meditation, mindfulness, vision board and affirmations, she created a space for me to be safely heard, to acknowledge the pain and find a way forwards.

I am so grateful that I was fortunate enough to have someone to guide me through a difficult time in such a positive manner.  Veronica is an inspiration and although an unconventional resource in a corporate environment, her insight and skills allowed me to emotionally let go of my fear and to move forwards and I am truly grateful for the skills I take away with me from this time with her." 


—  Anna Kleskovic, PA to Council, ANZCA

Veronica Haslam, Founder and Heartful Connector
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