Services for individuals

Lead authentic conversations.

In these fast-paced, shifting times, do you feel fearful of being left behind with: 

  • Up to five generations and diverse expectations and approaches of workers in our workplace environments.

  • Shifting role definition and skill requirements for sustainable performance with Artificial Intelligence.

  • Challenges in managing work relationships in our hybrid work environments.


If you do, you are not alone! And, like any other skill, we can learn how to adjust and thrive in these shifting times. Both for performance and individual wellbeing. We can learn to be human together and harness potential through stepping into our empowered voice and honest, manager-lead conversations. 

•  8 week program delivered online.
Strictly limited to 5 participants per program intake. Next intake closes 23 July 2021. 
•  Weekly (8) x 1hr mentored group mastermind sessions.
•  3 x 1hr individual coaching sessions. 
•  Partnership access to Stanford Business School's Shirzad Chamine's Positive Intelligence
    (PQ) Mental Fitness Training App with proven practices designed to shift insight to new

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Services for teams

New meaning beyond words: Your team’s values-in-action.

Does your team/organisation have a set of agreed values? Were the values developed in consultation and socialised with those they are meant to serve? Was this activity completed some time ago? How does your team find meaning and live these values today? 


•  Half day team workshop. Online or in person
•  Up to 18 participants per workshop. 

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comfort zone.jpg

New potential beyond task: Heartful team re-set for 2021.

As you and your team step into 2021, is the flow-on impact of the extraordinary experiences of 2020 starting to emerge? How are you setting new expectations around location of work, ongoing team connection and collectively forming new ways of working in a pro-active way? How are you talking about emerging issues you've never had to think or speak about before? 


 •  One full day or two half day team workshops. Online or in person
•  Up to 18 participants per workshop.
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From Awkward Silences to Awesome Signposts:

Team culture action-learning assessment.

•  6 week team support program. Online or in person.
•  2 x 1hr one-on-one sessions per member.
•  Additional 1hr one-on-one per team lead.
•  5 x 2hr group workshops.
•  Up to 18 participants per workshop.

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If your team seems to be stuck in mistrust, working in silos, ineffective communication, lack of initiative and this is impacting performance, you can co-create new ways of working together. It starts with deepening individual and collective understanding about what is underlying the behaviours.


This is an empowering process and opens up new potential for team learning and capability. 

From Awkward Silences to Awesome Signposts:

New team ways of working.

  • 90 day team support program. Online or in person.
  • Providing a program lead role to support the team's conscious commitment and action for new ways of working facilitating:
  • 4 x team workshops to scope and action plan priorities for change.
  • Fortnightly 1hr team reflection meetings.
  • Fortnightly 1 x 1hr individual coaching for leads of agreed priorities.
  • Observer / support at 1 x 1hr weekly meetings per agreed priority run by the leads.
  • Up to 18 participants per workshop/program group.
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Are you ready for team performance that is willing, reliable, sustainable and growing in positive ways in an uncertain environment? With 95% of our day in our auto-pilot programming, team behaviours are highly likely to continue 'as is,' unless we learn new ways together. Just like any other skill - think of when you learnt to write English?  

The approach

"Veronica’s gentle manner and unique insight provided me with an alternative view of how to manage the changing situation at work. 

I could have easily succumbed to feelings of anger, resentment and despair but instead by utilising the tools of meditation, mindfulness, vision board and affirmations, she created a space for me to be safely heard, to acknowledge the pain and find a way forwards.

I am so grateful that I was fortunate enough to have someone to guide me through a difficult time in such a positive manner.  Veronica is an inspiration and although an unconventional resource in a corporate environment, her insight and skills allowed me to emotionally let go of my fear and to move forwards and I am truly grateful for the skills I take away with me from this time with her." 


—  Anna Kleskovic, PA to Council, ANZCA