The need for change

We may feel that we are constantly running against the clock and there is no time to stop for a moment and nurture the humanness of our business. However, disengagement IS impacting your business at every moment. It lays its foundation and influences every seemingly minor to highly- pressured significant work outcome from ineffective communication, complex processes, lack of accountability to dysfunctional collaboration, absenteeism, profitablity to turnover.  
Feeling disengaged and stressed at work has real impacts on our health, well-being and relationships.
Do you think self-empowered change is worth it? 
Without a conscious commitment to change and the conscious learning of practices to support our human connectedness, our increasing tendency to operate on auto-pilot will continue to create collective, mindlessly habitual behaviour. Research by Dr. Mark Williamson and Professor Renata Salecl on the growing problem of operating on auto-pilot indicates that of the over 3,000 surveyed:
  • 96% admit to making decisions on autopilot
  • 61% say they stick to the safe/known patterns and decisions
  • 20% don't properly listen to others when they are on auto-pilot
  • 76% admit there have been times when they feel they are not spending their time well.
Our time at work is so much more than just a job - it's our LIFE and HEALTH:
  • We spend approx. 90,000 hours of our lifetime at work (Gallup)
  • With 105 people estimated to die each minute this moment of being alive is a privilege to be cherished and honoured (Population Reference Bureau & The World Factbook (Central Intelligence Agency)) 
  • As Annie Dillard said, 'how we spend our days is of course, how we spend our lives'.  



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