What is the elephant really costing you, your team and your organisation? 

Your ability to create a safe and trusting team environment is essential to optimal productivity, innovation and collaboration.


Commonly, in our corporate paradigm, we have been conditioned to ignore the elephant. It can be seen as uncomfortable, inconvenient, dangerous/a threat or even accepted as familiar in its recurring annoyance.


We can feel powerless about its growing imposing nature over time, while we choose to continue to ignore its presence. Unless we choose to do something about it...

If the choice is to continue to do things as they have always been done, what's the real cost? 

                      BOTTOM LINE

  • Decreased profitability/lost revenue. 

  • Quality of client service delivery.

  • Diminished efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Costs more to do less.

  • Increase in staff turnover.


  • Work-arounds, re-work.

  • Gossip.

  • Micro-managing.

  • Tick the box.

  • Working in silos.

  • Absenteeism.

  • Presenteeism.

                        POTENTIAL RISK

  • Errors as the unspoken is not shared.

  • Top performing staff leave with critical knowledge for business continuity.

  • Minimal trust = minimal disclosure.

  • Not knowing = not being able to respond.


  • Toxic energy.

  • Living in a heightened state of stress which affects mental, emotional and physical health and relationships.

  • Inability to express oneself authentically affects meaning and purpose, connection and fulfilment.


  • Unsafe' environment limits sharing of new ideas.

  • Lack of initiative .

  • Repetitive complexity.

  • Inability to keep up with the constant nature of change.

  • Reactive rather than responsive.