Authentic Communication at Work


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For managers who feel alone in times of constant change


want to optimise their wellbeing and performance

The Challenge

It’s no secret that we spend the majority of our lives at work.

With so much happening around you—in your own life, the workplace, and the world at large—it’s tougher than ever to keep track of, and balance, everything without feeling overwhelmed.

As these frustrations build, they can often manifest themselves as disruptions in communication, disengagement, and a feeling that something is missing from your work.

This impacts the way you feel at work and the contributions you are making. And, it also impacts relationships and wellbeing outside of work.

Many of us are caught in our own hamster wheels – doing, reacting, feeling trapped and doing it all over again! Managing expectations of our boss, our colleagues, our families, our team… Our own voice can be suppressed or drowned out by the demands of competing pressures.

We can find ourselves lost in the chaos. Feeling stuck, unconfident and alone. With the only light at the end of the tunnel being that holiday in 6 months time. Or sitting there with our fingers crossed that something will change…

We have all been in these situations... When what we really need is to create a space for an intentional pause.


A sustainable solution that will change our lives for the better, in the long run.