• veehaslam

If you're feeling overwhelmed or stuck in inner chaos, I can relate!

Nature today reminds me of natural cycles.

There have been times in my life where I've felt almost paralyzed in my inner emotional turmoil.

These days when these moments arise, I feel it as part of my natural cycle of growth and expansion.

For me, I recognise the gift in my natural cycles of inner growth through dismantling the known for the new to emerge.

It can still feel messy and emotional - all naturally human! While, it is, like all life moments, impermanent. And, I've been blessed to learn and apply conscious practices which enable curious self-exploration and invaluable insight.

If you and/or your team would like to learn ways to consciously explore this, I'd love to connect.

Meanwhile, may you enjoy the sunshine and have a magical workday, every day!

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