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From Awkward Silence to Awesome Signpost!

Next time you find yourself in the midst of a human moment in your team where you sense something is not being spoken about, how might you choose to interpret it?


What does this enable within yourself and your team for stepping into new learning, growth and performance potential together?

As human beings, we all have moments where we are working our way through unfolding territory! As the common saying goes, ‘Change is the only constant in life.’

2020 held lived experience of that!

With change and unfolding territory, we have uncertainty.

Uncertainty holds unknowns as it’s not predictable or familiar. Our vulnerability can emerge as our sense of control is challenged. This can lead to unspokens.

The unspoken might seem like a passing moment of discomfort which we can choose to ignore. While, when we leave unspoken moments as awkward silences, there are accumulative consequences.

What have you noticed in your experiences of awkward silences?

If you had a choice, what might you choose? Awkward Silences or Awesome Signposts?

Shifting our individual and collective behaviours is a practice. Like any other skill, we can consciously learn tools and practices to embrace the Awesome Signposts.

May you have a magical workday, every day!


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