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Being human as change unfolds can naturally feel messy!

It holds emotions, insights, fears and triumphs - and everything in between!

When I reflect on pivotal catalysts for change in my life, chaos has always proceeded positive change.

From my inner turmoil during my Grad Dip study surfacing as tears and being unable to voice who I was, through to my divorce which represented the death of part of who I knew myself to be...

In the midst of these passing moments of chaos, it can feel:

• There's no way out.

• Things are falling apart.

• We’re lost and don't know what to do next.

While, if we momentarily become the observer of our experiences with curiosity and detach ourselves from our inner fear and the chaotic activities around us, we may see the natural human change process.

For me, big chaos, though often very painful, has invaluably nudged me into aligning with my truth.

In this extraordinary time of fear and disruption, we're all trying to adjust in uncertainty. There are going to be moments when:

• We can't make sense of our reactions.

• Our vulnerabilities and fears arise.

• We feel exhausted and don't know what to do next.

As these human moments arise for ourselves and each other, may we hold conscious, compassionate space together. 🙏

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