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I help managers and their teams
communicate the HEART of the matter 
during change for peak performance.

Using a science-driven, uniquely human, HEART-centered methodology that increases performance, wellbeing and brings teams on board.

Some of the amazing organisations I've been blessed to work with...

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A transformative leader connecting with the HEART of your organisation. 

"I don't know how you do it, but you seem to be able to get people to be

willing to do things for you without them realising it."

~ Ms Linda Sorrell, former CEO, ANZCA

This comment from my manager years ago lead me to embark on a curious quest around how this happens...

Is it luck or is there a metholodogy?

I've worked with over 40 teams (from 1 to 140) in small to large organisations.

Leading Executive projects, the people-side of change, service improvement and team culture initiatives including:


  • The inaugural service charters for every internal service unit across two organisations articulating service delivery, performance measures and mutual expectations of and with internal clients.


  • Working with teams observed as missing deadlines, working in silos, ineffective communication, lacking initiative, at risk of project and service delivery failure and increased errors. 


  • Working with C-Suite Executive volunteers to deliver on Association's priorities.

What I've discovered is that irrespective of functional expertise, individual background or organisational context, we all share a common, human desire. That is to be heard, seen and be of value.

The key is a mindful, self-empowered approach to hold the human space

when the unavoidable meeting room elephant visits!

In times of uncertainty and change, they visit frequently.

They are natural and they are a gift!

Services provided

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For Managers 
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For Teams
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"Veronica’s gentle manner and unique insight provided me with an alternative view of how to manage the changing situation at work. 

I could have easily succumbed to feelings of anger, resentment and despair but instead by utilising the tools of meditation, mindfulness, vision board and affirmations, she created a space for me to be safely heard, to acknowledge the pain and find a way forwards.

I am so grateful that I was fortunate enough to have someone to guide me through a difficult time in such a positive manner.  Veronica is an inspiration and although an unconventional resource in a corporate environment, her insight and skills allowed me to emotionally let go of my fear and to move forwards and I am truly grateful for the skills I take away with me from this time with her." 


—  Anna Kleskovic, PA to Council, ANZCA

Love to connect!
Let's co-create a thriving team of willing contributors in times of change so everyone is empowered in their peak performance. 
May you have a magical workday, every day!

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