Free Empowerment Training: 10 Daily Practices to Help You Recharge and Make a Creative Impact

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As a single mum of two beautiful teenagers (who are with me halftime), who also runs her own coaching and leadership transformation business, all while deputy-chairing a voluntary board position; I can relate to the challenge of managing multiple priorities that all compete for time and space!

The pressure of responsibility and accountability is something we can sometimes carry from childhood, all the way through our adult lives, and sometimes the stress can build up to a point where we might feel overwhelmed, or even in a state of crisis. In this state, there is often so much noise that it can be a lot harder to create a positive space for ourselves to recharge and re-empower. 

Mindfulness can be an incredibly powerful tool to help us unlock perspective in these situations. This might be something you already know!

In my own business, more often than not I find that difficulty comes when we try to find time to engage in our mindfulness practices, especially when our calendars are already double booked! For those of us who prefer to utilise professional guidance as part of our practice, sometimes the difficulty doesn’t come from our calendar, but from our wallet!

I’ve been incredibly lucky to experience the personal transformative benefits of spending many hours a day, being mindfully still and meditating, but I’m also aware that for most of us, this is not always possible every day!

So how do we move forward to realise change in our awareness, when we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place?

It will help if we first look at mindfulness as a concept.

When we consider the definition of mindfulness, one that I resonate with is:

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.” 

~ Jon Kabat Zinn

This definition opens us to our own interpretation of how we practice mindfulness. It is more a way of being, rather than a strictly defined technique or method. It can be anything from sitting in silence with our eyes closed through to how we focus our attention during our everyday activities at work.

This is where I believe we actually have many little opportunities in every ordinary day to tap into our own capacities to feel inner calm and boost our intuition, creativity and performance. These wonderful benefits can overflow into many aspects of our lives!

For example; Think of a company leader who is overwhelmed by the task of having to “improve” the underlying culture in their organisation, they may find it hard to leave this project stress at work, and may even unintentionally bring this stress into their personal lives or relationships. If this manager engages in a short, but consistent daily mindfulness practice, they may one day find an ability to draw on their own creative foundation, and then realise a solution to their challenge. This ability will not only support the leader in their work and with their staff, but also in their general problem solving in any area of their life.

Yes, empowerment practice does require a consciousness around choice, and focussed intentional attention. 

But, that doesn’t mean you need to make yourself available to spend 3 hours every single day sitting on a mat meditating, in order to experience the joy of mindfulness!

It can definitely be experienced in the midst of our busy routines, moments of uncertainty, and in the juggling of competing priorities. 


10 Self Empowerment Training Practices You can Use to Recharge – Without Extra Time or Money!

This is a bit of a glimpse into a day in the life of Vee. 🙂

Below, I share ten different practices that have helped free empowerment within my daily experience. These practices don’t require any extra time or cost to do.

I hope the sharing of this is helpful in sparking some of your own inspired recharging practices that have meaning and work for you. And if you have ideas to share for others, please do!

By focusing our intentional attention on what we want to feel and be in our day, we partner with ourselves and those around us to co-create the collective humanity that we want to be a part of, and we offer our individual strengths and service to this vision.

Please note that these are simply practices that work for me, you’re more than welcome to try them, and if you do, then I’ve given each a short, practical name, only for the purpose of helping you remember what they’re each about.

1. Identify Gratitude

As I slowly wake up in the morning, I take three deep breaths and appreciate the comfort of my bed. It’s so warm and cozy, making me want to lie in for just five more minutes… I’m not exactly a morning person, so I use any excuse to stay in bed for a little ‘extra’ time (even though I’ve mentally factored in those ‘extra’ five minutes into when I actually really need to get out of bed… Haha!).

2. Look or Listen with Mindfulness

I then drink a glass of warm lemon water.

I squeeze about 1/2 a small lemon into a glass of warm water and drink it while standing still in front of my kitchen window. I look outside and see what I see. Sometimes the sky, the trees, the birds (I love looking at the birds).

This usually only takes a minute or so.

3. Empower with Active Appreciation

I have a water bottle with me most times. When I fill it up, I watch the water pour into my bottle and I consciously think to myself ‘I’m grateful for this cold clean water.’

Every time I sip from the bottle, I am genuinely so amazed at how cold the water has stayed! (Now you might be really starting to get what it is like inside my head)! 

4. Intentional Behaviour is Brilliant

For me, this looks like giving my kids hugs, listening when they are wanting to share, and waving goodbye til they are out of sight when they’re off to their various commitments.

While I’m very happy to chat with you more about this if you’re curious, I’m sensing this probably doesn’t really need too much more explanation in this article, (yet feel free to send me an email if you’re intrigued). 

5. Gratefulness, Motivation and Inspiration Often Work Together

When I shower, I turn the hot water off after I have finished washing and I stay in and finish with a cold water shower and I say the following: 

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”  (a beautiful affirmation by Louise Hay). Then, I mentally go through the people in my life that I am grateful for, and I thank them and wish them perfect health and happiness. I openly allow the cold water to impact my mindset as I contemplate these things. When I am finished, my shower is complete. 

When I am working from home, I often have a midday bath.

I don’t spend a lot of time in the bath, while, it is the whole process of running it, taking my incense in there and giving myself time to enjoy the water! I have been known to dictate my articles into my phone recorder while lying in the bath too!

Sometimes inspiration strikes in an unexpected way.

6. Make Space – Connect to the Right Place 

For me this takes the form of lighting a candle and incense.

This happens either sporadically during the day, or when I’m going into a coaching session. It feels connecting for me and I love the smell and the sensation.

The incense reminds me of my grandmother so there is also a connection to my ancestors that I have when I am in this practice. 

7. Routine Management

I routinely enjoy a mid-arvo green juice (two teaspoons of powdered greens in some water, stir and drink).

Again, I pause momentarily to drink it in front of a window if possible.

8. Daily Opportunities for Confident Authenticity

When working from home and when I feel drawn to, I will sit at the piano and play for as long or short as I feel.

Sometimes it is a minute or sometimes 10.

The feeling I have is that there are no expectations within myself as to how long I play or what I play!

I usually improvise and simply sit and express whatever is coming out through me. It is a very liberating experience. 

9. Caring for Our Biggest Resource

In the evening, if kids are in the lounge room watching tv or doing homework etc, I lie on the lounge room rug and casually do my leg lifts and crunches on the floor while being with them.

I started this when my first born was a baby and he was on a rug on the floor as babies often are! I would lie on my back next to him and just hold my head off the ground which turned into more of a conscious crunch action and then leg raises etc. from different yoga influences.

One of the things I love in this practice is the ability to action it in a way that works for me!

10. Tuck Yourself In

This one is a simple step, but often a powerful one! 

Before I go to bed, I wash my face which for me feels like a moment of taking care of myself. I put on a moisturiser and am grateful for the moment.

Bonus Practice: Seek Your Own Wellbeing

When I am travelling to a client and find myself catching the train, I choose to walk as much of the way as possible. e.g. to and from the station.

Often the drive and parking can take just as long if I am travelling to the city!

So, instead, I choose to walk and look around at the trees and the scenery and enjoy the trip. When I have the choice to take the escalators or the stairs, I choose the stairs which always gives me a little inner smile about the choice to move my body a bit more for my own health and wellbeing.

Workshop Your Own Practices or Tactics

While these practices work for me, they aren’t “one size fits all”!

What works (and has meaning) for me, might not have the same resonance for you.

We are all individual, not just in our sovereignty, but also in our passion, our experience, and our preference.

How might you bring in some of your own daily recharge self-empowerment practices? 

If you are keen to bring in some of your own conscious daily recharge practices, here are some tips on how you can start: 

Tip 1: Identify some activities that you do every day as part of your usual routine. 

Tip 2: Consider that activity from a mindful perspective – what might you see, feel / touch, hear, smell, sense when you are doing that activity. 

Tip 3: What might you appreciate about that activity? What does it give you? Why do you do it? E.g. something as mundane as doing the dishes can be experienced as a chore, or it can be experienced as the bubbles in the water, the cleaning off of the delicious food you and your family have just eaten, or the hot water running from the tap being so easily accessible. 

Tip 4: Take notice when you consciously focus your attention on this daily activity, and take a moment to celebrate when you connect into it with mindfulness. Even seemingly small actions contribute to building new neural pathways and cultivating new habits each time we shift our focus. This capacity extends beyond the activity itself, enabling us to be present with calm and clarity in various aspects of life.

Tip 5: Be playful with this and make it fun! Don’t take the practice too seriously! Life is a precious gift and we can play and find out what works for us. Explore with childlike curiosity what gives you little moments of joy, insight and deeper connection to yourself.  

These daily mindful practices can be in the most ordinary activities! One of my coaching clients has connected to “putting the kettle on”, as one of her moments and we’ve had a lot of fun exploring this together. 

As I’ve been writing this, I’ve noticed there are so many more daily moments I could share! Haha – for those who have spent time with me, that likely comes as no surprise!

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