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  • Graduate Diploma Applied Science in Innovation and Service Management, RMIT University

  • Bachelor of Business in Marketing, RMIT University

  • Masters, Wellness Leadership Academy

  • Mindfulness-based stillness meditation facilitator, Yarra Valley Living Centre, Gawler Cancer Foundation 

Thanks so much for finding yourself here. As happens in this mysteriously magical life, this program has evolved from a combination of both professional and life changing personal experiences.


Professionally, over the past twenty years, I have worked in medium and large organisations managing:

  • Large scale, executive projects

  • Cultural change and collaboration improvement

  • Process improvement 

  • The defining of the first health and wellbeing framework for Anaesthetists in Australia and New Zealand.

  • The defining of service delivery commitment across all internal service areas in two organisations  (16 business units and 10 business units respectively).


The invaluable insight I've accumulated through these experiences is there is a common foundation to many of the challenges within an organisation, irrespective of the technical area of expertise.

To me, this commonality is our humanness. At the core, I believe it is about how we feel within ourselves and how able we are to give to and receive from each other. To honour ourselves so we can honour each other. 


Our inherent humanness can give us extraordinary results when we work together in a cohesive and collaborative way. While, often we ignore our humanness at work and allow fears and emotions to sit beneath the surface of processes, systems and work efforts. These manifest in our physical work environments in how we interrelate within the complex systemic conditions; 

  • Repetitive misunderstandings

  • Working in silos and mistrust

  • Increased errors and risk

  • Pressure and stress and performance issues 

  • Recurring inefficiencies or frustrations in the way the team works together.

Personally, life has been a beautiful and unexpected unfolding of experiences - holding many human tears of elation, joy, love, desperation, grief and fear. In my late 20's, I undertook a Graduate Diploma which focused on organisational change through self-awareness, systemic thinking and group dynamics. It deliberately stripped away all our known structures leaving me in the most vulnerable state I had experienced up until that point in my life. I didn't know who I was without any known expectations or roles to uphold. I remember my mum saying to me, that I was different after the course. 

Eight years ago, I found myself leaving my 16 year marriage. With 2 young children, I lived with a heavy guilt-filled heart which prompted my personal healing journey. Retreats and personal healing from the conventional therapies (psychologists, psychoanalysts) to healing modalities I had no idea existed – all of which I am grateful for. I am always learning to be kinder to myself as I navigate my way through the unknown. Including my critical voices acknowledged, owned and nurtured. To, more healthful choices around intimate relationships, alcohol, cigarettes – all of which have been important for me to connect with deep healing and growth.

I practice meditation and yoga and am blessed to have trained as a Mindfulness-based stillness meditation teacher. 

I've grown through the grief of the premature passing of good friends in their 40's. Their beautiful legacies have helped give clarity to: 

  • MY MISSION - To honour being human at work for individual, organisational and global well-being and success.

  • MY PASSION - To be conscious of the privilege that life is. Every breath. 

All we have is today. May you be part of the team you want to be around every day at work. Where you can contribute your unique gifts to each other and achieve far greater together than you can by yourself by embracing the power of our differences.

With love and gratitude,

Veronica Haslam

Founder & Curious Heartful Connector 



Ph: 0402 253 966

Email: veehaslam@heartfulleadership.com.au


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