About me

Thank you so much for finding yourself here! 

Over the past twenty-ish years, I've been blessed to work in medium and large organisations managing process changes to large scale, executive change projects. I've worked with over thirty different work unit teams of varying size including every internal service area of a major Hospital and Medical College. And, as I've often shared honestly with those teams, I've never really known much about what they do! ​

And, while you could easily assume that would be required for me to successfully deliver those projects, it wasn't. 

I have always felt extremely lucky the teams I've worked with seemed to be so willing and able to contribute to the projects I was accountable for. That they would be happy to go above and beyond, despite often being asked to add the project work on top of their other competing priorities. 

One day, my manager at the time (the CEO) said in my cyclical performance review meeting;


"I don't know how you do it, but you seem to be able to get people to be willing do things for you without them realising it." 

Initially I didn't know if this was a good thing or not! Or, what it meant... While, it was this one comment that started my curiosity about what it was that I was doing ..? This has culminated into Embracing the Elephant. 

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  • Graduate Diploma Applied Science in Innovation and Service Management, RMIT University

  • Bachelor of Business in Marketing, RMIT University

  • Meditation Teacher Training, Yarra Valley Living Centre

As life would have it, my own 'unspokens,'  have been the biggest challenge I've grappled with so far in my personal life. Finding and expressing my authentic voice has often raised its paralyzingly fearful head. From tearfully sitting in a room over the two years of my Graduate Diploma feeling like I was the only one who couldn't say anything of value. Through to realising after 17 years of being with my caring ex-husband that I was numb. Living by choices I'd made for my life based on my perception of what was externally expected...  


There are so many more life stories to tell! All of which have been an invaluable part of my own inner exploration and personal transformation. Acknowledging and connecting to my 'unspokens' has given me empowered growth. Which, in combination with my professional path, has revealed my purpose of doing what I can to help break the shackles of the 'unspokens,' in our corporate paradigm.


That we can, and should, embrace the elephants as a positive sign of new growth and learning. Where we can share our unique gifts with each other and truly achieve more together. That healthy, thriving, successful work environments can be created, experienced and sustained by us all. 

Life is precious.  Life is a privilege.

May you have a magical workday, every day! ​