3 tips to consciously reframe moments of lack of clarity from threat to opportunity!


Feeling unable to take the next right step…

Fearful of not knowing where things are going…

These are all very natural human reactions to uncertainty.

The unknown can be extremely uncomfortable. It can feel like a threat and our physiology literally kicks into fight or flight.

While, the law of polarity states everything has duality. Everything has an opposite.

· To know light, we need dark.

· To know clarity, we need to be unclear.

Both are important parts of the same story. We can’t have one without the other.

So when the ‘less desired,’ of the two opposites is experienced e.g. confusion/lack of clarity, we have an opportunity to recognise it as a gift.

It is part of the natural process towards the desired outcomes we seek.

Here’s 3 tips to consciously reframe moments of lack of clarity in our work teams shifting it from threat to opportunity:

1. Label the human moment as it arises with curiosity.

E.g. For me, I feel this is a moment that holds some confusion.

2. See it as important group data pointing to a growth opportunity.

E.g. Explore the observation with non-judgement.

What’s being felt in the group dynamic is a reflection of what’s in the system.

3. Know that moments of lack of clarity will pass and are essential for clarity to emerge.

Article by

Vee Haslam

I Help You Connect to the Heart of the Matter During Times of Change to Obtain Peak Performance.

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