I work with leaders and their teams during times of change to embrace
the human impact which results in positive, sustainable team capability.
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through Honouring Human Potential™

Change is a collective opportunity for growth and learning. It is a natural part of life. We all have unique gifts and talents. It is a privilege to be able to share them together in our workplaces so we can feel value, belonging and achieve more purposeful alignment and success together.
Research from McKinsey and Company shows that 70% of all transformations fail... 

Many of us have an organisational change story or two… “We’ve tried this before.” Or, “Why do we need to pay another consultant tell us what we already know?”

Two human fundamentals we don’t often take into account in organisational change:

1. Transformational action/results focus on ‘doing’ and ignore ‘being.’

•  Time and effort is commonly spent on measurable, tangible deliverables.

•  Often leaving core human behavioural patterns rooted in underlying feelings, beliefs and historical wounding unacknowledged, unexplored and unhealed.


2. We can get caught up in the need for approval and fear of not being enough.

Often a temporary, artificial environment is created to support the transformation delivery which:

• Measures and monitors performance.

• Can perpetuate underlying fears resulting in out of the norm ‘survival’ behaviours e.g. doing what's required for a sense of safety and approval from authority.


When we shift back into business-as-usual, we can revert to our old habits as the underlying core patterns, feelings, beliefs and history remain unacknowledged, unexplored and unhealed beneath the surface.

The opportunity for change

As Einstein famously said, "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."


Habits can be shifted. Through conscious awareness beyond the "doing" we can explore and acknowledge our stories and patterns of behaviours. This enables new stories to emerge and new choices, actions and outcomes. Many teams I've worked with have affirmed that when support, understanding, vulnerability, human connection, compassion and guidance is there, the benefits are felt by all. 

Change perspective,         change intention, 
     change connection,           change results.
According to Gallup 2017, only 15% of us are engaged in our work. This deeply distressing statistic has implications for the business outcomes and cultures of our organisations, and our individual life meaning and wellbeing. 
Disengagement can reveal itself through work teams that seem to be stuck in repetitive under performing cycles of lacking; initiative, productivity, reliability, accuracy, transparency and trust. 
We can shift this cycle by acknowledging ourselves and each other as holistic human beings in our organisational environments and changing our habits. Just like any other skill, we can learn conscious practices to intentionally create new workday experiences for ourselves and the teams we are part of.
When we challenge old workday habits in a heartful and mindful way and create new choices and behaviours, we can achieve new business opportunities and unlimited outcomes together. 

Through a playful lens... some common human patterns at work.

Each day gives us the opportunity to be conscious change creators

Are our habits and our routines

serving us?

How do you honour each minute in your work day... a precious minute in your life?

It's that time of the month again...

Technical competency is invaluable while rarely is the sole contributor to individual and collective success

Learning to swim together

It's more than just work...

As Annie Dillard says, "The way we spend our days, is the way we spend our lives." Therefore, the choice is ours to make and the motivation comes from within each individual.


When a team is under performing and re-living a groundhog day experience of repetitive negativity, this affects: 

  • Every individual in the team - their individual sense of value and worth, their physical, emotional and mental health, and, the health of their relationships. 

  • The team's collective sense of pride, achievement and performance.

It is centered around our shared humanity. It's a unique, holistic team transformation approach that creates a meaningful, purposeful and sustainable connection between individual team members that inspires them to be motivated at a personal level to achieve professional targets.

Why Honouring Human Potential works


“Veronica’s openness, honesty and raw display of vulnerability through her programme was exactly what our team needed to help bring out the best in our individual and collective selves.  Being collegiate takes courage and the trust and support that Veronica conveyed through the process was central to helping us develop positive change. 

Highly recommended.”   


Michael Corcoran

CEO Virtu ITG Asia Pacific

"Veronica’s gentle manner and unique insight provided me with an alternative view of how to manage the changing situation at work. 

I could have easily succumbed to feelings of anger, resentment and despair but instead by utilising the tools of meditation, mindfulness, vision board and affirmations, she created a space for me to be safely heard, to acknowledge the pain and find a way forwards.

I am so grateful that I was fortunate enough to have someone to guide me through a difficult time in such a positive manner.  Veronica is an inspiration and although an unconventional resource in a corporate environment, her insight and skills allowed me to emotionally let go of my fear and to move forwards and I am truly grateful for the skills I take away with me from this time with her." 

Anna Kleskovic

PA to Council, ANZCA



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