With the pace of change at an unprecedented level,

elephants (i.e. the unspoken) are present more frequently due to

uncertainty and fear in change.

It's how we approach the elephant that shifts it from being a threat to a gift...

And, the power is in our hands!

The threat of the elephant in times of change.

It's far more than just an awkward moment in a meeting... 
Assumptions are biased by our own narratives.
In uncertain environments, 
our narratives are commonly fear-based.
Fear drives contracting behaviours.
Disconnection, withdrawal of effort, stress, skepticism & suspicion, feeling unsafe and untrusting, protectiveness, resignation to dysfunctional patterns, reactive vs responsive.
Contracting behaviours negatively impacts bottom line.
Loss of productivity, revenue & profit, decreased new idea generation, increased errors & risk, lower quality of client service delivery, increased absenteeism & staff turnover.  
The unspoken is the unknown.
The unknown is filled with assumptions.

Let's open the gift  of the  elephant together.

Hi, my name is Veronica.

I help work teams uncover untapped potential. To co-create the culture they want to be part of through opening up new human, heartful dialogue and practices that shifts habits.


Teams embrace the elephant in the room through curiosity, compassion and courage. They shift from fear, mistrust and limited performance to safety, trust and collaborative empowerment.

I believe the metaphorical elephant finds itself present in our workplaces at different times for different reasons - it's part of being human and a natural part of the change process.

It is the necessary messiness that creates shared clarity. The releasing of control to enable true innovation, collaboration and growth. 

Like any skill, I believe teams can consciously learn and practice ways of working together where the unspokens can shift from feeling like a threat to being an opportunity. 

“Veronica’s openness, honesty and raw display of vulnerability through her programme was exactly what our team needed to help bring out the best in our individual and collective selves.  Being collegiate takes courage and the trust and support that Veronica conveyed through the process was central to helping us develop positive change. 

Highly recommended.”   

Michael Corcoran, Board Advisor, Quantum Technologies

(former CEO Virtu ITG Asia Pacific)

Services for individuals

Lead authentic conversations. 

Be ahead of the curve with your empowered voice.

For leaders and middle managers in Finance and Technology. For those looking for a sustainable performance edge AND empowered wellbeing no matter what the organisational context.

Click here for info on this 8 week program.

Program start date: 27 October 2021. Closing date: 22 October 2021.

Strictly limited to five places available.

Services for teams

New meaning beyond words:

Your team’s values-in-action.

Do you have a set of team values and question the meaning they hold for the team and how they are lived every day together? 

Click here for info on a half day workshop.

comfort zone.jpg

New potential beyond task:

Heartful team re-set for 2021. 

As you and your team step into 2021, is the flow-on impact of the extraordinary experiences of 2020 starting to emerge?

Click here for info on a full day / two half day workshop.

From Awkward Silences to Awesome Signposts: Team culture action-learning assessment.

Does your team seem to be stuck in repetitive limiting behaviours that is impacting collective performance? Do you want to know what's really going on and start a new conscious team conversation to open new doors for new ways?  

Click here for info on a 6 week team support program.

From Awkward Silences to Awesome Signposts: New team ways of working.

Are you ready to step into collective conscious practices that co-create the new team behaviours? Where individuals will feel more connected and empowered? And, the team achieves more together?  

Click here for info on a 90 day support program.

Love to connect!
Let's open the gift of the elephant for increased team trust and capability together.

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